MSB is a market leader in the fresh produce trade in India for over 25 years and have received appreciations from all our customers. The objective is to provide customers with high quality fruits, which retain farm fresh properties and have enhanced shelf life through refrigerated vehicles, remove inefficiencies in the supply chain, and provide the quickest route from farm to fork.
MSB supplies all varieties of imported and Indian fruits around the year. Our customers range from the small wholesalers and retailers to large retail chains and institutions across India. We are one of the leading companies of India in fresh fruits procurements. We grow fruits, we are general order suppliers and we also export and import fruits. While the company’s core strength lies in distribution of apples and other high altitude fruits, the product range has expanded significantly over the last few years and now includes the large volumes of Grapes, Pomegranates, Oranges, Mangoes and Pears.