Hamza Global traces its origin to Mohammed Saleem and Brothers company. Therefore the company’s initial trademark, i.e., MSB depicts it well. The company started off with a vision to provide high quality fresh produce to different markets in India in 1969. Gradually, as Indian fresh fruit market took notice of MSB as a company driven by excellence and ethics, it was soon recognised as a serious player in the produce firmament. 
MSB is one of India’s largest fresh produce company, based in Asia’s largest fruit market in Kolkata. MSB maintains strong relationships with the most prestigious suppliers from across the globe to serve the Indian fresh fruit market.

"We invest in unproven teams attacking unproven markets with unproven solutions. We’re not interested in teams creating the nthsolution to the same old problem nor companies trying to improve things by only 10 or 20 percent."

Hamza Global has diversified its business. Hamza Global has also achieved high success in the Construction industry keeping Fruits Industry as their mother company. Having its head office in Kolkata, Mohammed Hamza, CEO of the Company is successfully carrying out all the operations from Kolkata as well as from Kashmir.
Hamza Global also invests in entrepreneurial teams seeking to transform big ideas into game-changing companies. We invest in early and early growth stage companies across sectors in India and abroad. Our team comprises successful entrepreneurs who have experienced what it takes to build best in class companies. Hamza Global aspires to team with passionate and driven entrepreneurs. We focus on opportunities at the early stage.